reality feedback


Who doesn't think they are experiencing reality?
Yet how can they really be sure?
How can you be sure of reality?
This is how you can check for yourself ...

Please start > here and now <

Please be patient and proceed slowly without effort, from line to line, for reality is elusive in time.

Can you feel the weight of your body
on the chair or floor?

Are you aware that you are seeing?
Notice that you see - not what you see.

Do you hear the hum of the computer and
other noise about you?

Are you breathing?  Check the quality of your breath. Is it easy or tight?

What can you smell?  How about your hand?

Pause and notice your breath.

breathe freely

Is there a taste in your mouth?
Just be with the sensation. 

Can you feel the warmth in your hands? 
Shake your hands for 5 seconds.
Notice if you are reluctant to do this and
do it anyway - those hands need feeling.

Slow down, feel those hands tingle ...
now your feet ... now the body ...
now your face ... feel the warm tingle ...

Relax, notice you are still seeing and hearing.

Have you stopped noticing your breath and the sensation of life tingling in your whole body? 
Please do not doze off!

Notice the thoughts in your head without paying attention to them.

This is possible, you just think ... you can't!

Please do this consciously as it is vital to stop the distractions of thought and emotion.

Who is aware of all that is changing in your
mind, body and senses?

Who is aware of any restlessness and impatience?
Do you not say, 'I am' ?

Hello, meet your real identity, the constant, nameless, mysterious silent being that is aware of everything that is going on yet always remains unchanged. 
Be still.


STOP and go within to your centre

This "............" (indescribable reality) is silently looking out of your eyes - now.
It is the secret of life, and is too simple for most to even begin to trust, let alone trust as reality.

Because of its mystery, beauty and simplicity, this life cannot be understood by thought. 
It can only be lived in the present by your being conscious, quiet and awake.

Trust the wonder of - nothing/stillness in the body and not the something chattering in the head.

If you seem to be 'losing it', losing control, becoming vacant, going a bit crazy, slipping - then you are shifting from your unreal personality and returning to your clear, peaceful, real being. Trust the new space, trust the silence, trust the nothingness, trust the ease, trust being quiet, trust - even if it feels odd at first.
Freedom may feel unfamiliar at first! Let it grow...

TRUST the simplicity This is what all the wise men and women, sages, gurus and masters have said and do say, one way or the other, over and over and over again.

Yes, this wisdom is currently being lived by only the few intelligent beings.  Others suffer, because they have been lead to believe in their thoughts and emotions, which are always in constant flux. 
How can you trust or depend on your mind when you, or others, can change it so easily and so often?

Even so, thoughts and emotions 'con' you by inferring that you should depend on them. 
Are you the master or slave of your thoughts?

breathe Why not lose the attachment to thought and
find your tranquillity -
which is your silent truth?

Be still, trust the stillness and know you are love - not later ... now!

Notice your breath and pause

Now is timeless and problem free if you have the power and peace to really be here and enjoy it.

The past, future and the troubled thinker come out of the mental activity called : thought -

No mental activity
no thought
no thinker
no problem
no suffering
no doubt
= freedom

notice your blinking

Keep breathing ...
Notice your thoughts protest by saying,
"What about this or that or them...?" 
For thought always has been and always will be engaged with something, never no thing.

Thought thinks 'things' are real
whereas consciousness knows things only have a qualified material reality that are
dependent on  senses.

What is known as permanent and unchanging by consciousness is believed to be unreal by thought.

Be still and know which is the truth

Thought is always trying to improve or fix this,
them, that or itself and can't rest because there is so much to do or judge. 'What about?' is the cry, 'What about: money, sex, power, other people the past or future?'
Come on, get a grip on reality. 

All is as it is for now.

Freedom is the I or consciousness that is reading these words and silently receives them in confidence. 
Freedom is not the busy, doubting, superficial problem- driven personality.  I (the consciousness of the writer or the reader) am the solution whilst thoughts and the driven personality are the problem. 
Look about and check for yourself, what is real -
all as it is now
or how it should be or have been?

Pause and notice who breathes.

If you are not silent you are not fully here. 
Be quiet and prove this as a conclusive fact.
Put your attention on to your silent centre.

Watch to see if your 'head talk' tells you
that you have no time to waste on all this nonsense. 
If so you have a choice:
a) Perhaps, ignore this chatter, for a change and take back your power  just to be at peace.
b) Be subject again to your head and thoughts and the stress that is thus caused sooner or later.

Reality is a mystery' and trying to understand this is ignorant and futile.  However this does not stop the limited mind from trying and thus it misses out on the main event - life now!

Be still and know that I am - love, life. 
(say I to yourself - I the reader)

To operate in the world from the still state is a
        privilege                       : integration.
Operating from the head, emotions, fear and habit is
        ignorance                     : separation.

Notice your blinking and that you are seeing.

Slow down, don't think, just be in the body
here and now! 
Wonder at your ease and trust the silence,
for this is reality and never changes, thank goodness. 
Check it in your own experience.

This stillness is truly dependable and always available,
in fact all that there really is - in the end. 
But why wait till then when its beauty is here and now. Of this there is no doubt but check for yourself, don't trust the author on an issue so fundamental to your individuality and well being.

Feel your weight and body on the chair.

Trust : stillness, absence of thought - silence or being and be amazed at the peace, with a smile. 

Notice your hearing and breath.

Notice the tingling and warmth in your hands.

Be aware and be grateful of your weight, your hearing, your seeing, your sensation, your smelling, your tasting, balance, peace and 'innersense'.  Always give thanks for now whether things are easy or difficult. This is IT, but only just for now as every thing changes, except for the silence.

It is always the silent witness, I ,who is here and undisturbed even by the ever-changing events.
Be the master of your mind, not its victim.

Slow down,
even if thoughts and emotion are trying to disturb you, as usual!

These thoughts are not real or reality, just self-created phantoms or big bullies that thrive on control and attention. 
Stop giving them your attention,
get free of their grasp.

Better to shift the attention to what is true - That, that is aware of what seems to be happening and changing, for that's who I am.  The I reading, as well as the I writing these words is the spiritual paradox of the oneness, unity and universality of all.

Quietly realise that a clear head, awareness of the senses and the sensation of well being in the body is the natural effortless state of the ordinary yet real individual, rich or poor.

From this place, free of fear, we can  love and act. 
This is our current potential...
Notice who breathes

Good, well done - you have been very patient. This site   is about realising who you are - the indescribable, indestructible, ineffable individual being - who is aware of all the changing existence - cosmic, physical, mental, emotional, psychic, etc. The one who has the power to create from the one silent source -
which is all there is.

Hear the sounds about you and smile, please.

If you did not and do not fully realise your beautiful being as stillness, start again sometime but do not accept any judgement about yourself or feel bad.

Slow down and do not force or try to get anything as this is the thinker up to its con tricks - again.
There is nothing to get, you are already life - alive in a body. This is the fact and it is good, even though at times it may seem  covered up with the distraction of difficulties and suffering.
But deep within - the wonder is awesome.

Remember, thought is the problem, I repeat, thought is the problem, busy with questions, answers, likes, dislikes and all the 'but....' and 'what about ....?'   Never silent like I am, we are - now! 
Never real and at ease.

Pause and notice who breathes.

Behind, before, beyond - everything is - nothingness, consciousness, life which is eternal : it is, the life -
the I reading these words in silence. 
Wonder in gratitude. 

Keep breathing ... don't doubt.

Reality check complete .......

Thank you for your attention and awareness ...
somebody has to realise reality -

If not, you ....... who?
If not, now ...... when?
If not, here ...... where?
Why not be who you are in confidence?

Thank you for your attention.

Pause and notice who is breathing.

I am



















reality feedback