Using the telephone, on a one to one basis
I would endeavour to guide you to remember
to realise your real inner/space/peace
(no therapy, no looking at your past).
It is direct knowledge in
the present.

It's a sort of 'know thyself' as per found on the
www.RealityChecker.com web pages but with me being able to be intuitive, creative and more
spontaneous with you
over the wires.

the more we acknowledge the mystery of the real
the more we get to know it and enjoy it.

I would be available to talk to you on the
telephone with what can be called

I will suggest some simple, but rarely used,
observation exercises that will serve as a
consciousness or reality - check.
They are simple, safe and easy .

It should be a gentle process of about
30-40 minutes and typically a pleasurable one.

You, of course, are responsible for yourself and so
can terminate or continue the call at will.

You may make a donation of anything up to $50

using the 'Amazon Honour System',
by pressing the Donate button
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Any money gratefully received - thanks.

How to book a session:
Please reply by email with your


Dates - suggesting 2 or 3
Times - tell me what suits              you best
Thanks -

If you have any questions please do not
hesitate to email me...

Disclaimer You are your own authority - all adviseis given for educational purposes only and noresponsibility is taken by sender
or InnerTuition Ltd.
You must disclose any material health
symptoms that you have and seek
professional advice as

I look forward to hearing from you BD

P.S. Remember you are breathing...