Who does not think that they are are experiencing reality?
      Yet how can anybody be really sure? Especially you?

reality feedback


An Invitation - for you and
the silent minority to share the

"realitychecker's - 7 Ss
- synthesis"

Which is an invitation to go
within your body (not mind)
to your solar plexus centre.
 The suggestion is to settle solely for
the supreme source and to share:

'Seven simply superb subtly
selfless silent seconds'.

Just be and be grateful for now.

Oh! simply surrender, stop striving, struggling and suffering and slip into selfless satisfying solitude.

Being in the world  - but not of it,
for seven thought free
conscious, content moments,
is a prelude to the timeless
here and now...


If the notion seeded by the 7 Ss does not appear easy, then notice how difficult or confusing it seems.
Even if the subject of silence appeals, you may find that your mind either dismisses the suggestion of inner peace and contentment - for now, or engages in the futile attempt to switch itself off. The thinker either wants to get peace or thinks it is for another time, it's never now.
For the mind it mainly means more mental 'madness' when it thinks about stillness - for reality is never  about getting. Stillness is about acknowledging your centre, your heart, which is still still. This is,
in short, a conundrum - a paradox.

Realise that it is the thought that
breaks the peace for - now.

The returning to the still centre within is not the issue, it is the leaving that causes the confusion or distress,
hence the esoteric nature of peace!

notice your blinking

Be - the silence within -

Notice how the head may say,
"I can't not think. I must think to survive" or
"How can I stop thinking?" or
"It is crazy or irresponsible to not think"
"What about this, that or them...?"

you are not your thoughts

notice who is thinking

"blah blah blah"

Be silent and know - who is *Life.

Just witness what goes on inside your
head and body with awareness
and know the seed of silence,
the seven seeds have now been planted.

flow or be damned

Watch the silence grow,
it seems to come and go
gracefully and wonderfully.

Do not hold on to anything,
just allow the dawning
of consciousness...

Enjoy, be


* I am of course














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