Who does not think they are are experiencing reality?
      Yet how can anybody be really sure? Especially you?


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         Have you had enough of surfing for data, information, entertainment, kicks or whatever?  What are you really looking for, anyway?  How about some real knowledge of - inner power and the secret of life. Find out who you really are!  When you are ready, please read on to see if realitychecker really works for you.

Merriam Webster dictionary defines 'reality check' as:
'Something that clarifies or serves as a reminder of reality, often correcting a misconception.'

Even a glimpse of reality is a profound revelation.

It's time for Knowledge

breathe freely

The words reality, love and peace are widely used. However their ability to communicate an experience or meaning that we can all agree upon has been lost. Also, as each new generation generates different world views, what can really be - enduringly real?

We have had - the earth at the centre of the universe, a flat earth theory, blood letting, Newtonian laws, Einstein's e=mc2, quantum physics, big bang v steady state, creation v Darwin, 
sunset v earth rise - what next?
What one person believes is not real for the next, so what is true?

My highest definition of real is:
That, that does not change.
By this, I mean real must be reliably -
constant, permanent, dependable and endless for
you, me and the next person - anywhere and always.

Reality (fact of being real) therefore must be undoubtedly undivided: universally unlimited and unanimously undisputed. Undeniable unity which is unrestrictedly available to anybody, anywhere at any time - with absolutely no exceptions, period.
As I am at ease within - here and now.

Amazingly such  reality has a paradoxical quality of being beautifully fresh in each new moment. The sheer magnificence and actuality of the real moment confounds the self or mind, which can only rationalise the wonder with thoughts such as:
impossible, unsustainable or miraculous.
Despite what the mind thinks, reality is the still, unchanging,
source or centre deep within - within you the reader.
Take as an example a cinema where a film (living) passes from one reel (future) in front of the lens (eye) to the other reel (past). As the film moves it keeps recreating   images of now-ness on the screen. Yet at all time the illuminating bulb shines silently behind - neither judging nor affected by the quality of the content of the film, be it actual, drama, comedy, tragedy, horror.
The bulb just shines and is never concerned whether its light
creates a good, bad or indifferent experience in the theatre.
Please pause and be the 'unaffected' stillness  observing this current (recreating) experience through the lens of your eye.
Are you aware of your breath - its rhythm as you inhale and exhale with a pause between each in and out?

Obviously, everything else is changing continually,
if only by getting older every micro-second. The love we have for one another can also change. It is said that no two clocks tell the same time, the sun you apparently see is already eight minutes old  and a second is defined as having 9,192,631,770 resonating periods of a caesium atom.
Is the notion of the 'real world' an oxymoron (self-contradictory)?
There is greater detail about all this in the book
'Welcome to the Present' - see 'Book' link.

You may well ask,
'So who on earth can live up to this notion of reality?'
'What has it got to do with me?'
'What has this to do with the 'real world' and paying bills, etc?'

Indeed, who are you? and what is the 'real world'?

In what follows, do not believe the author, please look for the ring of truth and be your own authority in discovering the subtle distinction between illusion and reality. Nothing is as it seems, especially you - for like every other body - yours replaces itself about every seven years, you often change your mind and your emotions (motion=movement) are deceptive.
Hence fear and worry and dis-ease.
But in truth there is no worrier behind worry just as there is no
mouse behind Mickey mouse - only imagination.

Please pay attention, as your
a) eternal unimaginable Life is the SUBJECT here,
not your 
b) changing self or personality.
Be honest: which is more precious to you?

Trust the constant inner silence

inner speech is constantly changing
Inner silence or inner speech, which is real - who knows?

         thank you


Health Advisory: Proceed only if you are ready for a voyage of inner discovery. Please be patient and proceed with gentleness and care. Of course it takes time to read through the site, but it is not supposed to distract you thereafter as a time-consuming activity. Iimagine if this site was 'smilechecker'

- you could check instantaneously. Our minds get confused and think that they can find the peace of reality but it is a vain and time-wasting attempt.
The emphasis here is only ever on this actual moment - now!
The intention is to communicate with your consciousness directly and cut to the core of your being. As only you can take responsibility for yourself, you must be your own authority at all times, if you continue.
Do not believe what you read but what you experience as true.

As a recovering 'thinkaholic' I sympathise with you if you are burdened by a constant stream of thoughts that are for the most part born from ignorance and fear. The reality spoken of here is the freedom from this mental attachment that causes so much emotional suffering. It seems that few of us are really ready to give up the fight and own our intrinsic inner peace. However, we all do our best under the circumstances of our lives, hopefully without too much judgement from ourselves or others.

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Fortunately the reward for patience is patience.   

Acknowledgement to all those who have supported this project with a special thanks to Pippa Dickerson for her love.

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