Who does not think that they are are experiencing reality?
      Yet how can anybody be really sure? Especially you?

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       'Welcome to the Present'

by Barry Delaney

"For a few individuals this is a book whose time has come.
For many people the book will be ahead of its time
or a waste of time.

Maybe it is time for you to discover or recognise the beautiful timeless and priceless qualities of the
                  Present before it gets any later.              

For the - Present is the best gift there is, here.

Why not give yourself some time to read this book and find out who you really are?

Not who you think you are !

'Welcome to the Present'...

Hello, everyone is invited to the Present yet so few seem to be turning up. There are all the tricky excuses: too busy, can’t find it, and even  the - ‘I was there all the time’ denial. So I have written this guide with some instructions on how to get there (here!) in case you have forgotten. Of course, to many people such a book seems, initially, a waste of time. For others it may be ahead of its time. To the individual, it could be a book whose time has come.

"There is no time like the present." or "There is no time in the present!"

Which one is true? If you are not certain then perhaps you need to look at who is not certain. Who are you? Not, who you think you are. For surely you can’t be the thinker with all its imagined - worry, fear and doubt? No, this is what causes all the suffering over the - getting, losing or keeping whatever you think you currently want or do not want. Please pause to observe this mental thinker as it churns away in your head with its constant controlling voice. Watch it ‘advise’ you! Stop to notice how it stresses your body! If, or when it does. Of course there are problems in the world. But why be one of them? Or more subtly, do you need problems to solve, in order to feel worthwhile and needed?

I write to adult consciousness, directly. By this, I mean the silent being who is reading this. This intelligence can witness the tyranny of the voice in your head. Also it sees your frustration whilst you suffer from all the ups and downs of those ever-shifting emotions. These forces dictate all the likes, dislikes, cravings, aversions and the emotional un-merry-go-round of pleasure, pain or boredom. Who can pretend they don’t fabricate this corrosive behaviour?

Some of us have had enough of this dis-ease and long for inner peace and freedom, whilst the rest (who incidentally get no rest) do not seem to.

The point is that ‘well being’ is only enjoyed in the present yet since the beginning of time people have lost themselves in the idea of - past and future. It takes time to think and all thoughts emanate from the past. Please notice your breath.

I have written this so the reader has a practical guide to remember or recognise who they really are. Undoubtedly you know your true identity (by letting go of the fake one) especially in those moments of stillness, wonder, beauty and ease.
This is simply our natural state - unconditional, priceless and timeless.

What you probably have not been told is that this natural state of freedom happens to be what ordinary life is about. Therefore inner peace is still available, provided we do not allow the limited thinker, in your head, to spoil it. Be quiet, be, be responsible for now, then act - this is what the work is all about.
Anyway, I hope you continue to discover new facets that help reflect and celebrate this indescribable centre within.
Let’s call it the source for now.

The Present is the greatest gift,
I do my best to share where it always is.


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