Who doesn't think that they are experiencing reality?
Yet how can they be sure? How can you be sure?

This site may allow you to take an intelligent look and
see what is true or false -
 with what is written or with your perception !

So, please only read when you are really ready to take full responsibility for Reality

Quick check - please
Pause for a moment and have a rest, be at ease
Slow down by feeling the weight of your body on the chair
Pay attention to all the sounds you are hearing
Pay effortless attention to your breathing
Breathe as you merge all sounds about you with your breath
Relax and continue being aware of the sounds and breath
Let go of listening to the voice in your head and be quiet, be still
Check if you now are more centred, real or present within?
Smile, if you are and notice your weight and the breathing 
Watch as you inhale-pause-exhale-pause-in-pause-out-pause-
TRUST any real silence you have within -
not that  noisy, tiresome troublesome voice in your head.

BE STILL - the still silence, within the body reading these words.
Welcome to the Present  - it is still - here  
breathe... watch your head talking...from your inner peaceful presence and 
notice the beauty of the warm well being - still flowing and glowing in 
your body - NOW and NOW & NOW, NOW... your inner peaceful presence - this is really real !!

Being 'touched' by that sweet inner knowing so seemingly 'fickle', feint, fine 

yet so sincere, sweet, sacred, sumptuous - is so satisfying.

Nothing can touch it - no idea, thought or feeling.

'It' is the nameless...

Notice who is breathing -

it is, in reality, this nameless one 

Only the unreal questions this state and questions lead to answers or more questions which then lead to more questions, more words - less silent knowing of what is real.
realitychecker is a time and place - here and now - to
simply stop and realise what is.

Reality is still reality  
the 'silence' behind all -

So am  I

( please say the word "I" to yourself and pause, 
sinking into some solace for a second )

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